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Pouring ferry trolley
  DCJ1260pouring ferry car is used to transport the mould which has been poured the slurry from pouring mixer to the gate of curing room,and there is special equipment to pull the slurry mould into the curing room
  2.Main technical parameter
  Carrying capacity of ferry trolley: 10t
  Maximum speed of ferry car: max=8.83m/min,frequency control of  motor speed
  Moving motor: YDEJ-112M-2.2-6P
  Moving reducer: WHX12-40
  Positioning electric putter: DTZ200-450/50.
  Wheel tread surface to trolley surface rail roof height: 710mm
  The length of trolley surface rail: 6560mm
  Friction wheel driving speed reducer: RD73YEJ90L-8NA5.3B3A
  Driving speed: 11m/min
  Dimension: 6560x2500x770mm(L x W x H mm)
  Supporting bearing for moving shaft: 1311
  Weight: 4258kg
  Ferry car is consist of frame,trolley surface rail, moving parts, friction wheel four parts;frame was made of rectangular tube,U-steel,H-steel,angle-steel and so on; Moving parts are made of walk reducer,chain wheel,initiative wheel and passivity wheel etc; Friction wheel is consisted of friction wheel reducer, bellow type air spring, frame.
  4.Operation principle
  Pouring ferry trolley is used to transport the mould from the car surface to different curing room one by one.
  Ferry trolley moving use reducer and chain wheel to work,walk speed adjusted by transducer.
  Ferry trolley transports mould up and down through friction wheel rotating drive by motor, friction wheel touch the friction arm of the bottom, through friction force drive mould moving.
  Check before the ferry car take its place,adjust the depth of parallelism ,levelness and gauge of ferry car walk rail.
  After the ferry car take its place,check the gap between four wheel and rail,it must be within 2mm,and check the whole process within the ferry car running,and proceed necessary adjustment.
  Check the friction wheel’s driving part whether install well, friction  wheel top surface, height difference of rail, the position of friction wheel, the handle height and sealing of air spring, all check one by one.
  Check the standard height and gauge between car surface rail and curing room rail,check the fit between handspike and mold.
  Connect power,running handspike and ferry car,if finding stuck,abnormal noise,motor fever and so on,it must be debug first and then running.
  Often keep the ferry car had the clean sanitation,it should clean the sundries of the car surface and rail.Lubricate the wheel,gear,rack and guide wheel timely;gear,rack and guide wheel must be cleaned  every week.
  The bearing of reducer box,road wheel,guide wheel,should be change oil.The equipment should be medium maintenance half a year,heavy repair one year.