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Equipment Maintenance of Pipe Making Machine
      1.After long-distance transport,bumps,loading or unloading.The screws and nuts of equipment may be loosening.Before installation,the equipment should be fastened again.And check the equipment carefully,to confirm the equipment in good condition.
      2.After installation,the machine must be filled with enough lubrication oil when run this machine the first time.(remark : the reducer should be filled with number 46 machine oil.Gearbox inner arc gear,sprocket chain,wire rope should be filled with machine butter )
      3.Raw materials must be in conformity with relevant requirements,There shouldn’t be hard granular materials and impurities which diameter is out of 10mm.
      4.In the normal production process,worker should always check the machine carefully,to confirm whether the screws and nuts are loose,whether the lubrication point is the lack of oil.
      5.Clean the equipment before and after work,maintain timely.And ensure that no waste material and residue is above the surface of mold and equipment.
      6.The equipment should be placed in dry and ventilated house.In order to avoid rust and decay,defense rain and sunshine is necessary.
      7.Under certain conditions of the equipment,correct adjustment operation is important factor of the pipe forming quality,During the normal production.Should check the motors,gearbox etc.often for overheating,running is normal or not.
      8.Main shaft and pressure head connection must ensure up and down vertical,calibrated pressure angle.
      9.when placing the mold,should put the support ring on the bottom of mold and ensure support ring and mold concentric.
      10.turn pressure head,adjust gap,make the pressure head drop to connect with support ring,make pressure head rotating,then put the mixed raw material into mold cavity,gradual increase in pressure head rotating,while gradually adding raw materials.Make all molding.
      11.We should observe the tube billet and the mold movement during working process to check whether the forming quality is good,in the process of forming defects and faults should been adjust and eliminate at any time.
      12.After pipe formed,tube and molds should be move out artificially,through artificial stripping out products,then a work cycle is completed.
      13.The raw material of tube mixing should be uniform,the water should not be too large and should maintain good adhesion,the raw material should be mixed when use.
      14.The transmission should be check regularly and refueling timely.