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Steam curing
       1.the steam curing of the drain pipe must be obtained after received the notice of the steam curing, and can be supplied by the steam curing system.
  2.Steam curing must be responsible by the special person, according to the steam curing system to strictly control the steam temperature and time, temperature should be measured each half an hour, fill in record and collect as archives which can not be lost.
  3.After shaped of the pipe crane to steam curing pit must be handled carefully. And in the bottom pit pad waste old tires or sleeper which should arranged to be neat, should not be larger tube molded on top of the smaller pipe mould.
  4.Strict control of stripping strength, when the provisions of the steam curing time, should not in the stripping process if did not get a test chamber pressure test the strength of qualified single,.
  5.Steam curing pit cover should be tightly and appropriate, temperature worker should always pay attention to the water seal trough level (the pit cover is sealed by the water in the water tank, to prevent the leakage of steam), insufficient should immediately added.
  6.In the lifting and autoclaved pit cover, ground staff should work closely with industry and traffic, to prevent safety accidents.
  7.Curing system is divided into four stages: static setting, heating, constant temperature, cooling. Table 7 the total time in parentheses in the time of the above stages, including the total time of the above four stages.
  8. table 7 in the system of constant temperature in the constant temperature in the column "80 - 85" refers to the highest temperature of Portland cement, ordinary Portland cement. "95+5" in brackets refers to the highest temperature of slag cement. The last temperature in the table refers to the temperature of 1 hours after  the temperature (daily temperature), if not, according to the actual situation to set.
  9.In the same pit, the multi - standard pipes are steamed and raised,the maximum diameter of the tube is kept.