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Why choose baking-free brick making machine?
1. Protect farmland
    Baking-free brick making machine use lots of construction rubbish to make brick. It could reduce the damage to farmland protecting native agriculture.
2. Saving Energy and reduce energy consumption
    Baking-free brick making machine have two main parts to save the energy.First it doesn’t use coal.And then it has building heating and cooling energy savings.
(1)Reduce CO2 emission, preserve the environment
    Baking brick produce too much CO2. Air become more and more terrible, aggravate greenhouse effect.To protect the environment we need to replace baking brick making machine with  baking-free brick making machine.
(2)Multi-functional, good performance
    Comparing with baking brick it have heat preservation,sound insulation,fireproof,light,earthquake proof,beautiful and so on advantages. We can build a comfortable house with these kind bricks.
(3)Reduce building costs
    Comparing with baking brick, when we build a house it could reduce 25% cost, 50% time, 70% wood, 40% steel, 50% mortar, 40% labor. And it is more safe to do  the construction.
(4)Environment Protect
It could use lots of waste highly to 90%. Waste include Fly ash, slag , gypsum , calcium carbide slag , waste lye or caustic sludge waste ,  waste brick powder residue ( liquid ). It does a great help to the environment.