1.Purpose DCJ1260pouring ferry car is used to transport the mould which has been poured the slurry from pouring mixer to the gate of curing room,and there is special equipment to pull the slurry mould into the curing room 2.Main technical p... More>>
1.After long-distance transport,bumps,loading or unloading.The screws and nuts of equipment may be loosening.Before installation,the equipment should be fastened again.And check the equipment carefully,to confirm the equipment in good condi... More>>
Steam curing2015/08/12
1.the steam curing of the drain pipe must be obtained after received the notice of the steam curing, and can be supplied by the steam curing system. 2.Steam curing must be responsible by the special person, according to the steam curing sys... More>>
1. Protect farmland Baking-free brick making machine use lots of construction rubbish to make brick. It could reduce the damage to farmland protecting native agriculture. 2. Saving Energy and reduce energy consumption Baking-free brick maki... More>>