HONGFA Machinery: QT4-26 Brick Making Machine
It is easy to control the machine.Dragged the up mold by hand, through the bump pin tongue open the pressure head hang pin, then the up mold declines and back to its position, at the same time the scraper plate scrapes the redundant material. The pressure head(when the up mold declining, open the position switches of the up vibrator, make the up vibrator work, forming the up and down vibrator at the same time vibration) is under the acting force of the up and down vibration, the up mold decline to the two sides locating rod and the locating pins are all hanged behind the two sides of pressure head’location plate, extend vibration time of 2-3s. Extend the vibration time can separate  the block and mold box from pressor foot, reduce machine physical deterioration, block broken, stick mold, crack and improve the smoothness of block. 
Key words:Vibration ,brick making machine,block making machine